Was started by a group of those who helped resist the destruction of the Walbran Valley rainforest back in the early 90s and new younger organizers and avid defenders of the ancient rainforest, are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of further road-building and clearcut logging of the still unprotected wilderness outside the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park boundaries.

We are keen on pushing for an alternative economic future for the big tree country of these endangered rain forests, now much more easily accessible to the local Renfrew/Pacheedaht populations, since the road from Renfrew to Cowichan was paved.

We feel strongly that the local First Nations and non-native forestry communities could benefit over the long-term from a variety of forms of more sustainable economic development based on practises that sustain the forest they depend on, as an alternative to the liquidation of the last stands of old-growth forests, still being logged.

Ecocultural tourism, trail and campground management, eco-forestry and value-added manufacturing, traditional food and medicine gathering and harvesting of other non-timber forest products in the still significantly large tracts of old-growth forest that were left out of the Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park in 1994, could offer youth in these communities, meaningful jobs that last, instead of big stumps and unemployment.

We are looking to work with locals in the community of Renfrew and at Pacheedaht to see if we could make something like this happen. Friends of Carnmannah Walbran are looking for contacts in the Renfrew/Pacheedaht and Dididaht communities to help facilitate this old-growth forest economic transitional strategy and we welcome leads to anyone you may know who could help with this project.


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