Contribute to Protecting Walbran

The very best contribution you can make is to give some of your time, through talking to people and spreading your enthusiasm, through writing to those who can effect a change – our BC politicians, and through helping others experience the magic of the Walbran Valley by trail work and helping with organized outings to the valley.

But, our activities do need funds as well.  We need funds for

  • Development of recreational infrastructure: trails, boardwalk construction, footbridges, cable car and campsites.

  • Purchase and maintenance of small bus to bring people to the forest.
  • Reproduction of educational and lobbying materials.

  • Legal research (not to be used for legal counsel; if you’d like to support individual counsel please give directly to those needing it).

  • Wilderness satellite phone bill.

  • Visitor Centre upgrades.

If you are willing to make a donation toward these costs, one way you can do so is to do a interbank e-transfer to our email  You can also make a donation at the GoFundMe web site, to the account savewalbran.  This link should get you there:

If you happen to live in Victoria or nearby, another more direct way to contribute is toward the trail building supplies directly.  The Victoria Castle Building Centre on Cook Street has generously offered us a 50% discount on trailbuilding supplies. If any of you would like to donate even a small amount to this cause, there is an account set up for the Friends of Carmanah Walbran.

Thanks for helping protect the roots of this precious forest!

The Friends.


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