Walbran Valley/Kaxi:ks; 25 Yr Convergence Gathering, July 30th/31st 2016. Short video of some of the evening events and the Luminous Forest Laser Light Show. Filmed by Warren Rudd. Watch video here

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Protect proposed Cutblock 4424 (Black Diamond Grove). January 2016

2 1/2 Min Eco Music Video. Help Save the Central Walbran Valley’s Black Diamond Grove on the South West Coast of Vancouver Island. An Ancient Temperate Rainforest of Red Cedar & Hemlock slated for cutting by Teal Jones Group in 2016. Filmed by Warren Rudd. Watch link to video here

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Islands in the Sky; January 2016.

Entomologist Dr Neville Winchester talking to an enthusiastic and packed house at the UVic SUB. He explained the unique and critical value of the ecosystems that exist in the canopy of the Old Growth trees in the Temperate Rain Forest of the Walbran Valley And the importance of protecting these refuges for the species still to yet be discovered. Watch link to talk here

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The Walbran Valley’s “Castle Grove” – Canada’s Finest Old-Growth Cedar Forest by Ancient Forest Alliance (2012)

Three hours from Victoria, on southern Vancouver Island, is the magnificent Castle Grove in the endangered Upper Walbran valley.  Where the Central and West Walbran rivers meet stands our most spectacular old growth red cedar grove – the most extensive and densely packed stands of monumental cedars in Canada.  It also includes the Castle Giant, an enormous 16 ft wide cedar: a near record tree with the trunk as wide as a living room and as tall as a skyscraper.

This short information video provides the highlights of Walbran vally here.

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The Road Stops Here, a documentary by Velcrow Ripper (1992)

On July 4th, 1992, the B. C. government issues a cutting & roadbuilding permit to the New Zealand transnational Fletcher Challenge, ignoring its own Old Growth Strategy’s Committee’s call for a two year halt on logging in the Walbran

The company began cutting roads a week before the public input deadline expired.  The public has responded with local and international demonstrations, sit-ins, hunger strikes, tree-sitting, and road blocks

To view this beautiful documentary about the 1992 efforts to protect the Walbran valley, please click here.

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