Mission Statement

We recognize that the Carmanah and Walbran river valleys and smaller watersheds to the south, containing the last large tract of unlogged, ancient temperate rainforest on south Vancouver island, are located within the unceded traditional territory of several Nuh-chah-nulth and related First Nations communities; and we support indigenous land rights and jurisdiction in these areas:

  1. To build alliances with like-minded groups and individuals in advocating for protection of the remaining unprotected old-growth forests in the ‘Upper’ Walbran, including the Walbran waterfall, ‘Castle Grove’, ‘Giggling Spruce’ Campground and associated trails. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, old-growth forest, biological, fisheries, recreational and spiritual values, that was left outside of the park boundaries in the creation of Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, in 1994.
  2. To build ties with people in local First Nations and forestry communities and to work together for sustainable alternatives to further industrial logging in the Walbran valley; advocating, in particular for ecological tourism, eco-forestry in appropriate locations, campground and trail management, interpretive facilities, value-added wood product manufacturing, traditional food and medicine gathering and harvesting other non-timber forest products: practices which sustain the forest they depend on and which enrich local communities over the long-term.
  3. To initiate projects with the scientific community to continue the process of research and education about the ecology of these rare and endangered old-growth forest ecosystems.

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