07 July Rally against Cutting Walbran

The BC Ministry of Forests were treated to a scintillating and vibrant display of the voice of the people on 7 July, when a rally was held in opposition to Teal Jones’ request to start cutting in Walbran.DSC_0565

Torrance, our Wilderness Committee friend, mc’d the event and through his selection of speakers was able to present a well-balanced case toward the inescapable conclusion that the bite of the Walbran Valley is far too valuable, indeed too precious a resource to squander for short term profit.  DSC_0563 DSC_0557DSC_0553The only reasonable conclusion one can reach is that cutting Walbran, in this time of incipient global climate change, in this ever more stressful and stressed world, in the face of the unknown and unknowable decisions we and our children and 6 generations of grandchildren will need to make, is utter and completely selfish folly.

For your entertainment, listen to Torrance explain the context and set the stage, Emma describe how the mystical beauty of Walbran affects one child’s development, Torrance again with the case against cutting, and Bobby, in his own special way, being quite blunt as he distils the essence of vox populi in his address to the rally and to the Ministry.


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