21 July Community Forum draws a large crowd interested in learning more about Walbran Valley

Energy and enthusiasm bubbled through the Fernwood Community Centre on Tuesday night (July 21, 2015) as The Friends of Carmanah Walbran, the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Wilderness Committee sponsored a community forum to advise the public of the current logging threat to the Central Walbran Valley Ancient Forest. A panel of speakers, including Elders Peter Knighton of Dididat and Bill Jones ofWalbranForumPoster1 Pacheedaht, spoke with passion about the unspoiled beauty and irreplaceable value of the Heart of the Walbran, emphasizing its spiritual role as Mother Earth, its rejuvenating atmosphere for a world-weary visitor, and its amazingly unique and complex biodiversity which is inextricably linked to our present battle with climate change. The call for an immediate, indefinite moratorium on all further logging in the Central Walbran Valley was resoundingly approved by a crowd of over 150 people. A powerful photo collage by T.J. Watt underscored the wonders to be discovered in the Valley, and encouraged all those present to visit the area. Through such personal connections, each person will find fellowship, inspiration and the strength to make their own singular contribution to this cause.


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