A Line of Protection is drawn across the Walbran Bridge

On a spectacular warm and sunny Saturday, August 22, 2015, over 100 individuals travelled to the Walbran, and joined together to draw a line, both figuratively and literally.   The statement made by those individuals through their action is that we have a clear line beyond which the Central Walbran Ancient Forest must remain safe and whole, protected from the industrial logging that threatens the trees and the river.

DSC_1002 Arriving by car, truck and SocialCoast Community Action Bus, people were made welcome by the Friends of Carmanah Walbran and Bill Jones of Pacheedaht First Nation, nourished with food and knowledge, guided in exploring the terrain, and encouraged to bear witness to the value of this treasure.  Children were playing, some people swam, some hiked, some painted, some sang, some pondered the mysteries of life.  Special visitors such as David Anderson, former federal Liberal Minister of the Environment, Joan Russow, former leader of the Green Party, Victoria City Councillors Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday, businessman Jon Cash of Port Renfrew helped in painting a red band (for the Western Red Cedar) and a green band (for the Emerald Pool of the river) across Walbran Bridge, as a protective barrier against more logging. Symbolic though it was, the Line reflects the commitment all the visitors felt in supporting this fundamental cause: the environment protects and sustains all people, and we, the people, must protect and sustain our environment. We must make our voices heard!