Trail conditions.



In the wet fall weather the boardwalk trails have been getting noticeably slippery. This seems to affect the boardwalk a few years after they have been built. Please be cautious. This will be fixed, by adding a cleat on each board, this coming spring/ summer.

Western Hemlock are also being especially affected  by parasitical Mistletoe and there are a lot of potentially dead and dangerous trees in the area.

Don’t hike in the forest during high winds seek open ground or logging roads and monitor the trees around you. Check carefully where you pitch your tent.

Andrerson Lake Trail;

Trail has experienced a lot of blow down making the hike more strenuous with difficult route finding  and making it now a 6 hour+ round trip.

Castle Grove/Giant Trail;

Be cautious, in parts, as the old boardwalk from the 1990s is still being replaced.

Safety Warnings;

*Please be aware that the Walbran Valley is a wilderness area with no cell phone coverage.

*The trail heads are close to the bridge over the Walbran River. Be advised that the bridge is approximately 35 feet above the river and appropriate caution should be taken especially with children.

*Creeks in area can flood quickly and be hazardous.