Urgent Action Required to Save Walbran from Industrialized Logging Destruction

As I’m sure you have heard CUTBLOCK 4424 HAS BEEN APPROVED IN WALBRAN VALLEY BY THE BC GOVERNMENT. This is not all together surprising, but still profoundly disapointing.

Thank you so much to everybody who has replied with offers
to volunteer in various capacities. We are overwhelmed with all the generous offers and are sorting through them now.

We will be meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 7:00 pm, 1241 Balmoral Rd. Community Room​ ​to discuss our presence in the Walbran.​

Permanent Presence in Walbran

On September 26th, Friends of Carmanah/ Walbran will establish a continuous presence at a community witness camp in the Central Walbran valley in response to the recent BC government approval of Teal Jones’ logging permits for cutblock 4424 in the Central Walbran Valley ancient forest, given despite enormous public pressure to halt logging in the ecologically significant heart of the Walbran valley watershed.

Cutblock 4424 is located 1 km away from the Castle Giant, Canada’s oldest Western redcedar, in a highly contentious area of ancient trees, with outstanding biodiversity, recreational and old- growth forest values, omitted from Carmannah/ Walbran Provincial Park in 1995, due to it’s high volumes of ancient redcedar, sold on the U.S shake and shingle market, under company claims of “sustainable” harvesting practises.

The Walbran Valley Witness Camp, established near the bridge over Walbran river, will act as a public gathering location from which to monitor logging activities in the area, carry out scientific research and as a haven for concerned citizens who wish to work together to protest further old- growth logging and assert their democratic rights to defend this rare and irreplaceable ancient forest, in Pacheedaht traditional territory, from further industrial destruction.

The Friends of Carmanah/ Walbran support the rights of individual citizens to exercise their freedom of conscience and to peacefully engage in acts of non- violent civil disobedience.

A code of conduct, guiding activities of camp participants, encourages peacefulness, respectful and co- operative self- discipline in an environment free of racist, sexist or queer and transphobic behaviour; and eschews the use of all forms of property damage and tree- spiking as a means to halt logging operations.

Concerned citizens, with time in their schedules and a commitment to peaceful actions ( both lawful and those risking arrest) are invited to participate in this camp in the magnificient Walbran valley rainforest. Camp duties include cooking, cleaning, fire-making, building shelters, trail work. meetings and offering transportation and various forms of support to those choosing to participate in arrestable protest. Individuals and/ or affinity groups are encouraged to come self- sufficient in food, tents and camping gear required for a safe stay in a rainforest wilderness environment and to self-organize their own action plans in defense of the rainforest.

Please let us know if and when you could join the Friends of Carmanah/Walbran Witness Camp. We view the on-going destruction of native ecosystems as a continuation of the process of colonization we seek to end, in favour of a society in balance with the natural world and a truly sustainable future for all. Together, we can protect this amazing world-class heritage. For climate justice, for biodiversity, for clean air and water, for a healthy intact ancient forest web of life, join the Walbran Valley Witness Camp!!!!


We are gratefully receiving cash (https://www.gofundme.com/savewalbran) or material donations to adequately supply our Witness Camp in the Walbran Valley and ensure the comfort of long-term protectors (Please message me for drop-off location).

Our needs, specifically, are:
-Satellite phone
-Small camping trailer
-“Carport”/ pop-up tents
-Large tarps and rope
-Rock climbing gear ( Ropes, carabiners, jumars, bosun seats)
-Non-perishable food items
-Dry clothes
-Rain gear
-Dry Firewood
-First aid supplies
-Cook stoves
-Building materials

Thank you so much for everybody who has already contributed to our cause. Our deepest gratitude.

​Call for Volunteer


-Reliable, able-bodied and emotionally stable individual(s) to help establish a continuous presence at a wilderness-based witness camp in a contentious area of the Walbran valley.
-Must have solid backcountry camping, campcraft, social and leadership skills, ability to communicate effectively in groups, work in a team, facilitate meetings and deal confidently with conflict situations.
-Must possess the ability to enjoy being in a wilderness environment for extended periods of time.
-Must have their own vehicle.
-Will be supplied with room and board in the form of food support, dry wilderness lodging , video camera and satellite phone and communicate and report regularly to support people outside of the valley.

All interested applicants please respond ASAP​.​

​Thank you to everybody who has responded, written letters, donated, and visited the Walbran.​ We appreciate your dedication and love for this beautiful, threatened forest. Please keep spreading the word on social media and face-to-face, with your friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

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