Let’s help the Ministry of Forests Wake Up!

Hey, it’s time to get the government to wake up to the environmental urgency and wisdom of protecting the rare and irreplaceable ancient forests of the Central Walbran valley, imminently slated for further industrial destruction!!!

All friends of the rainforest, please join the Friends of Carmanah/Walbran at:

Wake up!!! for the Walbran Valley!!!

Tuesday, November 10th

Ministry of Forests, 820 Blanshard St, Victoria

 8 am (set-up: 6:30 am)

Tuesday morning we will serve coffee and pancakes to the public, and to the Ministry workers as they arrive in the morning to begin the day’s toils.  It’s an opportunity to interact with them, explain our concerns and dreams, and listen to their own. The breakfast will be followed by a noise procession!  This is going to be fun, a chance to let your inner child express him/herself!

Please bring placards, pots and pans, your own cutlery, and any noisemakers with which you would enjoy the opportunity to express your pent frustrations!  (For me that’s going to have to be something really loud.)

See you there!

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