Thank you for the Wonderful Support for Against the Dark


The Friends of Carmanah/Walbran would like to extend a very warm thank-you to the wonderful organizers of Against the Dark and Patagonia for hosting an inspiring evening of information, camaraderie, good beer and cheer for the threatened ancient forests of the central Walbran valley, last night in Victoria. We wish the dedicated group of forest advocates running through Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park on the winter solstice, all the best and again are grateful for all you do to help bring awareness to the plight of our last great rainforest, here on the south island.

This group has expressed a welcome to those fit and bold enough to join them on this epic run through the forest in the wettest time of year! We will be there with warm food and a blazing wood stove in our winterized wall tent at the FOCW Central Walbran Visitor’s Centre, welcoming your runners when they come through.  Thanks for giving Bobby the opportunity to speak for the forest last night; you can find his full presentation here.

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