Boardwalk upgrades.

Rain and shine the volunteers from FoCW and the Wilderness Committee have worked hard again this past year repairing and upgrading the trails and boardwalks within the threatened Central Walbran valley. This important work helps protect the delicate root systems and soils of the rain forest, mitigating the impacts of the growing numbers of visitors who come and experience this amazing place.

To ease the wear and tear on tent spots within the forest and to accommodate visitor numbers, volunteers have also worked to create camping spots along the edges of the logging road.

FoCW and W.C with all donated labor and funds will again in 2018 be working to improve access to this area and to continue to lobby for its protection. The 2018 calendar of work groups and events to be posted soon.

So many to thank, but a special shout out to Will, Olvier, Alex, Mai, Ron, Michael, Tom, Deric, Bill Jones, Jon, Emily and Torrance and all the hard working WC volunteers.

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