‘Eden Grove’ Arch.

On the rare rain free weekend of November 20th volunteers with FoCW were able to work on the trails in the unprotected ‘Eden Grove’ area of Edinburgh Mt, Pacheedaht territory. We also had time to put up this arch at the entrance of the trail. It’s made from a part of an ancient Red Cedar, the top of the tree the ‘castle’ or ‘reiteration’ where a new leader grows. It was pulled out of a slash pile, cut in half, book matched, turned upside down and set into the ground.

The latest on the NDPs logging deferrals show that there are some proposals for Edinburgh Mt but there are key areas that are missing protection like ‘Eden Grove’.  This does not necessarily mean it will be logged but is mostly down to insufficient  government data which shows it as being a low-prod hemlock stand. The governments science panel has acknowledged that some areas may be missed and that ground truthing and local knowledge should fill in the gaps.

Hoping that these trails and entrance arch will help!


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