Save the Walbran Tour


Support these upcoming music and awarness events and help protect the Ancient Forests of the Walbran Valley. Funds raised will go directly to support local environmental groups including the FoCW,  we will have also have volunteers there with an information table.

Friday May 27th, 8pm; White Eagle Hall, Victoria.

Saturday May 28th, 8.30pm; Fulford Hall, Salts Spring.

Friday June 3rd, 8.30pm; Waverley Hotel, Cumberland.


Carmanah Boat Repair.


The FoCW recently helped fund raise and repair the boat used by the Knighton family from Qwa-ba-diwa at Carmanah Point. This has enabled the family, who have been  long time supporters of the protection of the forests to continue to be on their traditional territory and to carry on their business supplying burgers and aid to the hikers on the West Coast Trail. Many Thanks to the different business and individuals that have helped make this happen. Jay and Glen at SG Power and Shawn at North Craft welding among others. The photos are, above Peter Knighton gets the boat back in the water and below a view of Qwa-ba-diwa and the repaired boat being presented by SG Power. Carmanah is an anglicization of the Nu-cah-nulth phrase Qwa-ba-diwa.

DSC02210sg power

Islands In the Sky

Dr Neville Winchester talking to an enthusiastic and packed house at the UVic SUB, explained the critical value of the ecosystems preserved uniquely in the ancient forest canopy islands of our planet, and the importance of protecting, unspoilt, these refuges for species still to be discovered.  canopy_crowd

For those who couldn’t attend, here is a link to the on-line rendering of his fascinating and compelling talk.

line image

Black Diamond Grove Video

Hey, check out this exquisite video Warren Rudd just released!  If you haven’t been there, (and now that the Court has seen fit to ensure our continued access, yeah!) watching this will definitely make you want to visit, and to stand up for the protection of these trees!

Alternatively find the video directly at this link.

Information on how you can contribute to protecting this amazing forest is here.


Rally for the Protection of the Walbran Valley


About 60 staunch citizens gathered in the drizzle outside the Victoria BC Courthouse this morning, prior to the court hearing Teal Cedar’s application for an injunction against certain activities in the Walbran Valley.  It was inspiring once again to hear Bobby Arbess distill the public sentiment to its naked core:DSC_1614

“…Because those of us who have been around long enough know, that where the indigenous people, and the settler environmental community stand together, we win!  Whether it be on Haida Gwaii, whether it be on Meares Island, the Stein Valley; where indigenous people and non-indigenous people stand together to defend the land – we are undefeatable!”

And Torrence Coste, our friend from Wilderness Committee, calmly explained to the gathered crowd the reality of the need to protect today’s forests: “… old growth forests take a thousand years to grow, … so to call this “sustainable”, to call this “resource management” just isn’t true.  Old growth forests are NON-renewable resources and in 2016 we need to be transitioning away from non-renewable resources.  That includes coal, that includes oil, that includes natural gas, and that includes old-growth forests.  We need to leave these forests where they are.”

The Provincial Ministry of Forests building was directly across the street from the megaphones.  I really hope they were listening!


The Legal War in the Woods

I became aware recently of the content of Teal Cedar’s application for a third injunction against interference with their operations in the Special Management Zone 21 encompassing the Central Walbran and surrounding territory.  It’s very interesting reading, including a detailed account of the direct action we’ve seen individuals have been taking in the valley.  The reader will be surprised to see it asks that the BC Supreme Court grant an injunction lasting an incredible 9 months!  And you can’t help but cringe at the not-so-amusing parallel between their requested duration and well known human biological processes that take a similar time.

More interestingly, the application also discusses the concept of “irreparable harm“.

The reader of the application will learn that for an injunction to be granted, three conditions must be met.  Continue reading