Myco-Blitz Photos and Update

Many thanks to the Mycologically talented people who came out for the 2019 Central Walbran Myco-blitz (fungi count). We added over 50 new specimens to our ever growing  list, delving deeper into this rare and magical place. Old growth forests contain a breadth of fungi that is not able to grow in the short harvest rotations of the tree farms that replace them.

Among the many things we learnt is that Western Red Cedars are loners, that is mycologically in the soil, not interacting  in a similar way as the other trees do with each other. Their mycological relationship is their own and their related mushrooms when they fruit are so small as to be not visible to the naked eye!

Held with gratitude on the traditional territory of the Pacheedaht Nation. Check out the updated species list and please join us again next year. All photos by James Holko. Photo below of species of Phaeocollybia with its immense tap root, whose reason for is not yet understood!




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