Drawing the Line: The Context

For many travelling to Walbran this Saturday, it is your first time to this valley, perhaps even your first time to ancient forest wilderness of such an expanse that you can walk into it for a whole day without emerging out the other side.  You will spend much of your journey getting there passing industrial logging operations until finally arriving at Walbran, a shocking contrast.  Try to imagine, on the way home, what you would have seen in relatively recent years when those valleys were entirely ancient forest.

Here are a couple of quotations I found very thought-provoking and inspiring:

Hear the roaring vastness of a great valley, or the sigh of wind in the treetops, or the eternal thunder of breakers on the shore. Then go back and speak to the world from your heart.  Randy Stoltmann (1962-1994), Written by the Wind

…what the forest industry calls a forest is not a forest at all.  It is simply an illusion that a grotesquely simplified collection of commercially useful tress planted like a field of tomatoes can be regarded as a forest.  There is so much that we don’t know about all the factors that comprise a forest – the soil, water, air, plants, soil microorganisms, insects and so on.  Only nature and time have grown a forest in the fullest sense, and the forest industry’s claims that it can grow high-quality trees as crops with “rotation cycles” of seventy or eighty years are either fantastic hallucinations or deliberate deceptions.  David Suzuki, Rainforest, Ancient Realm of the Pacific Northwest

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