The Line is DRAWN.

What a spectacular day Saturday was, with so many of you enjoying that rare Walbran experience!  Isn’t it amazing?  There, that experience of awe in the immense grandeur of untamed nature, that is the heart of  we want to be sure remains for our grandchildren to enjoy as well.  And sure, there are all the rational, completely compelling arguments as well for preserving Walbran: carbon sink, biodiversity, stable economic future, etc. – but you know all those or can learn them in your homes.  The experience of being in the valley – the spiritual, the emotional, however you label it – can only be understood by, well, by experiencing it.  We’re glad so many could do so, and we know those who have will now encourage others to do so as well.

And so, to make it possible for more to see this rare treasure (and in response to the popular demand we’ve heard for more!), we’ll continue to organize outings into the Walbran.  Expect to find news of a next one posted here within a few weeks.

Many of you have added your names to the list of volunteers helping to protect the Walbran; you’ll hear from us shortly by email.  If you’d like to offer to help but haven’t yet done so, we’d love to hear from you at this address.

You can find photos and videos of the day posted in the news area.

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