Myco-blitz October 15th-16th

FoCW will be hosting in the Central Walbran a Myco-blitz (fungi identification and count) on Saturday 15th until Sunday16th 2022.

Join us for another weekend in the rain forest with knowledgeable mycologists and FoCW volunteers for a fungi identification and count. With the 2 year deferral for the central Walbran soon to expire and with no clear indication on a way forward towards permanent protection biological inventories are as important as ever.
The Myco blitz celebrates this area’s incredible and precious biodiversity, the strong hold of the ‘ganerderms’. Please pre-register if you are planning to attend.

Provisional Itinerary;

Friday; Travel in evening.

Saturday; 9.30am Myco hike. 11.30am, meet on W bridge for welcome for those arriving on Saturday. Noon Myco hike,etc.

Sunday; 9.30am Myco Hikes. 3.30 pm pack up and leave.


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