Mycological survey report.

With BC experiencing an unprecedented drought the scheduled Myco blitz in the Central Walbran had been in doubt but the attendees on the weekend of October 15-16th were met with a fungal bounty.

This is mostly due to the valleys location close to the ocean and the sea fogs that rise up through the forest and the fog ‘advection’ that is then turned into rain on the forest floor by the trees.

There were 135 species collected and identified during a day and half,  there will be a few more added that have been sent to the UBC Herbarium for further classification.

Thanks to all the attendee’s, special nod to Juliet, James and Brandon. The full species list will be posted soon. See you all next year.

Held with gratitude on the traditional territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation, Kleko kleco.


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