Science in the Valley/Bio-Blitz.

Join FoCW and the Sierra Club for the 4th annual Science in the Valley Bio-Blitz (flora and fauna count) in the Central Walbran Valley (Kaxi:ks) on unceded Pacheedaht traditional territory on the weekend of May 12-13th.

Spring is the time when the temperate rainforests really blooms into activity. This years event has expanded to included two days so that we have an earlier start on the Sunday morning when many birds and animals are most active. One of the bird species we are hoping to see and hear are the Marbled Murrelets as they navigate to the ocean from their nests high up in the forest canopy.


Attending experts in; Bird song identification, Goshawks, plant biology, forestry, soil ecology, Owls, Entomology.

Saturday 12th;

9.30am; Meet for car pooling and convoy if required at Port Renfrew Community Center

11am -1pm; Arrive in Central Walbran

Light lunch, soup and bread supplied by Victorias Wild Fire Bakery.

1pm; Welcome from elder Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht FN, introductions from groups and experts.

2pm; Guided hikes.

Easy/medium difficulty hike ‘Tolkein Giant’ trail, 1 hour.

Medium + difficulty hike, Castle Grove/Giant trail, 2 hours.

Hard difficulty hike, Harriet Nahanee memorial Trail, 3 hours.

After dinner evening ‘Owl and Bat Hike’!

Overnight camp.

Sunday 13th,

6am; Bird identification hike starting on Walbran bridge.

11am; Guided Hikes.

3pm; Close.



2018 Events Calendar

 FoCW  2018 Events Calendar;

* March Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th. Work group with Wilderness Committee (W.C).

* April,  Friday 27th-Sunday 29th. Work group with W.C

* May Saturday 12th-Sunday 13th. ‘Science in the Valley and Bio-­blitz’. A FoCW and Sierra Club event. Join knowledgeable scientists and volunteers for talks, guided hikes and a Bio-­‐blitz (flora and fauna count).

* May,  Friday 25th-­Sunday 27th. Work group with W.C

*June,  Saturday 23rd- Sunday 24th. FoCW work group.

* July,  Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th. 5th Annual Walbran Valley Convergence. Public event with food, music, workshops and guided tours.

* September,  Friday 21st-Sunday 23rd. Work group with W.C

* October,  Saturday13th-Sunday14th. FoCW work group.

(Note; Please pre-­‐register for W.C and FoCW work groups.)

Boardwalk upgrades.

Rain and shine the volunteers from FoCW and the Wilderness Committee have worked hard again this past year repairing and upgrading the trails and boardwalks within the threatened Central Walbran valley. This important work helps protect the delicate root systems and soils of the rain forest, mitigating the impacts of the growing numbers of visitors who come and experience this amazing place.

To ease the wear and tear on tent spots within the forest and to accommodate visitor numbers, volunteers have also worked to create camping spots along the edges of the logging road.

FoCW and W.C with all donated labor and funds will again in 2018 be working to improve access to this area and to continue to lobby for its protection. The 2018 calendar of work groups and events to be posted soon.

So many to thank, but a special shout out to Will, Olvier, Alex, Mai, Ron, Michael, Tom, Deric, Bill Jones, Jon, Emily and Torrance and all the hard working WC volunteers.

Dance for the Rainforest!


Rave for the Rainforest and Equinox Party.

September 22 – September 23
(Sept 22 at 7 PM to Sep 23 at 5 AM)

At the Sunset Room; 401 Herald St, Victoria, British Columbia V8T 4R4

Join us and dance through the night, from dusk to dawn, on the Autumn equinox at the Sunset Room to celebrate and raise awareness and funds to help save some of the last and most magnificent temperate rainforests in the world in the heart of the Walbran Valley ( unceded Pacheedaht territory), south Vancouver Island.

Victoria-born and Bali-based DJ Alex Joy ( Joy Collective and Rainforest Pavillion, a fusion of electronic dance music and ecological conservation culture) and an exciting line up of home town heroes including Mr Moe, J-Feud and Jon Galssey and DJS Daniel Pierce and Tada Hozuma, will serve up the music to keep you dancing all night long.

This event is happening on the territory of the Lekwungen peoples of the Songhees and Esquimault nations and is supporting the work of the Friends of Carmanah Walbran, a local Victoria, 100% volunteer-based collective working to protect and providing public access to the threatened heart of the Walbran valley, a rare world-class ecological heritage of ancient temperate rainforest, 3.5 hours drive from downtown Victoria.

Doors open at 7 pm
8-9 pm, you will not want to miss a presentation with West Coast documentary video producer and journalist Daniel J. Pierce who will preview two webisodes from his multi-platform vido project, Heartwood, a Documentree, about the struggle of coastal communities to protect the old-growth rainforest and transition to sustainable forestry alternatives. Here is a preview of this important project:

Licensed 19+

9 pm- 5am- Music from :
Alex Joy
Mr. Moe
Amaurotic [ J Feud & John Glassey ]
DJ Pierce
Tada Hozuma (Taste of Tea)

Tickets $15 – $20 donation at the door.

The space is wheelchair accessible and can be entered via the gates at the end of Herald Street below Value Village.

Brought to you by Deepend Promotions, Rainforest Pavillion & House Music Victoria in collbaoration with the Friends of Carmanah Walbran.

Convergence Review


The 4th annual Walbran Convergence was a great weekend for the 100+ people who came out to help  protect this special place. Thanks to Bill Jones and Shawna Green for their continuing support, Port Renfrew’s Soule Creek Lodge for putting together the dinner, the Sierra Club volunteers for making the Sunday Breakfast happen, the drivers from Community Action Bus and the Forest First Express Society Bus and all the volunteers from W.C and FoCW. With these events we amply demonstrate that we are not going away anytime soon!

See you next year. Or register for the September 22nd-24th trail and boardwalk work group with FoCW and W.C!


Convergence; July 29th-30th, 2017.


Friends of Carmanah/Walbran and Wilderness Committee are thrilled to announce this year’s 4th Annual Walbran Valley Convergence!

On July 29-30, more than hundred people will gather in the Central Walbran Valley (Kaxi:ks) in the unceded territory of the Pacheedaht Nation.

Scroll down for event itinerary!

This annual event is a recognition and a celebration of the first wave of activism in the Walbran Valley – 26 years ago this summer! – that saw part of the Valley protected from destruction.

It’s also an opportunity for people to come together in one of Canada’s most spectacular ancient rainforests and discuss how to better manage these incredible ecosystems and build a truly sustainable forest industry..

This years’ theme is building unity, and the formal programming will highlight a diversity of voices, including Indigenous leaders, forest sector union leaders, elected officials and biologists.

An opening welcome and keynote speakers will kick off the weekend at 1:30pm on Saturday the 29th.  Speakers include Pacheedaht elder Bill Jones, Arnie Bercov, Presedent of the PPCW, Green MLA Adam Olsen and others

From 2.30pm there we be a number of guided hikes; to the Castle Giant and the Harriett Nahanee Memorial Trail

At 5pm there will be a Salmon Dinner. Tickets available through picatic or are available at Wild Fire Bakery or RSVP through email and pay on the day.  See menu below.


 9am; A Pick your own Berry Pancake breakfast hosted by the Sierra Club; By donation.

10:30; Workshops; Bird song identification: Building diversity: Forestry Reform and more.

Noon; Closing

This weekend is always an inspiring and powerful event and is sure to be one of the highlights of your summer.


We’re working to make the event as accessible as possible, and are organizing return daytrip transportation on the Community Action Bus on Saturday.

Round trip bus tickets are being offered at a subsidized rate of $30 per person or each or at the full cost of $50.

The bus will be leaving Saturday morning from the Vic High parking lot (on Gladstone & Chambers) at 7:30am with a pick up in Duncan at 8:45am and coming back the same day, leaving the Walbran at 7pm (after dinner). We should arrive back in Victoria by 11pm.

The Forest First Bus (12 seater bus) will be leaving Victoria to the Walbran Vie Sooke and Port Renfrew, Saturday, 7.30am. Please email us for more info.

Please use this page to organize carpooling and other ride shares!

**BUS TICKETS: Available online through Picatic ($5 fee included, $30and $50) or at Wild Fire Bakery (1517 Quadra Street at Mason, $25 and up).


– Lightly smoked local wild salmon with a Maple/Orange Glaze (GF)

– Citrus and Burberry Slaw (GF, Vegan)

– Taku Baked Beans (GF, Vegan)

– Wild Fire Bread

– Fruit (GF, Vegan)


**TICKETS: Available online through Picatic ($5 fee included, $20and $40) or at Wild Fire Bakery (1517 Quadra Street at Mason, $15 and up).


We need a lot of volunteers for set-up, take down, food prep, hosting elders, parking, etc. Please email if you`re interested in volunteering!


If you would like to support Friends of Carmanah/Walbran’s campaign to Save the Walbran Valley please feel free to make a donation through Picatic, at Wildfire Bakery, by email transfer to or bring cash to the event, there will be a donation jar! We really appreciate your support!

We would like to acknowledge that this event will be taking place on the traditional unceded territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation.

Sponsored by: Friends of Carmanah Walbran, Wilderness Committee, Forest First Express Society, Sierra Club, Island Forest Futures ( IFF).

Bioblitz Results


Results from the Walbran Bio/blitz of May 28th. Thanks to everybody who came and helped out. See you again next year!
1. Harlequin Duck (observed) – a still-downy but
adult-sized duckling at the edge of Emerald Pool
2. Belted Kingfisher (observed)
3. Olive-sided Flycatcher
4. Pacific-slope Flycatcher
5. Steller’s Jay (observed)
6. Chestnut-backed Chickadee
7. Brown Creeper
8. American Dipper (observed)
9. Swainson’s Thrush
10. American Robin (observed)
11. Wilson’s Warbler (observed)
12. Black-headed Grosbeak (observed
13. Black Swift
14. Northern Flicker
15. Hairy Woodpecker
16. Golden-crowned Kinglet
17. Hermit Thrush
18. Varied Thrush
19. Band Tailed Pigeon

Other Fauna;

1. Pine Martin
2. Douglas squirrel
3. Mink
4. Wolf (paw print)


1. Western Hemlock 2. Sitka Spruce 3. Western Yew 4. Western Redcedar 5. Red Alder 6. Salal 7. Alaskan Blueberry 8. Red Huckleberry 9. False Azalea 10. Red Elderberry 11. Baldhip Rose 12. Thimbleberry 13. Black Gooseberry 14. Douglas Maple 15. Falsebox 16. False Solomon’s seal 17. Hooker’s Fairybells 18. Western Trillium 19. False Lily-of-the-Valley 20. Siberian miner’s-lettuce 21. False Bugbane 22. Red Columbine 23. Goat’s Beard 24. Palmate Coltsfoot 25. Pacific Bleeding Heart 26. Bunchberry 27. Small Bedstraw 28. Deer Fern 29. Sword Fern 30. Lady Fern 31. Maidenhair Fern 32. Step Moss 33. Vancouver Groundcone 34. Wood Saxifrage