2023 BioBlitz

The Central Walbran 2023 BioBlitz (flora and fauna count) is on the weekend of June 17th-18th this year. Continuing for its 8th year this small scale event maintains a presence in the Central Walbran which has a logging deferral until March 2024 but still lacks full protection.

Saturday 17th;

4.30am- 6.30am; Bird survey, on this survey we will be able to observe Marbled Murrelets  above their nests before they fly to the ocean to gather food for their chicks.

12pm-5pm; Guided hike around the Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail.

Sunday 18th;

4.30am-6.30am; Bird survey.

10am; The rest of this day will involve an exploration of an area of wetlands near Sad Lk that is in the Central Walbran but outside of the deferral.



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