Island Forest Futures Upcoming Events


Monday Sept. 26 @ 7:00 pm
Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St, Victoria

Featuring: Metchosin City Councillor, forest ecologist and co-author of Plants of Coastal British Columbia,Andy McKinnon and Victoria City Councillor, CRD Director and social justice actvist, Ben Isitt

Co- Sponsors: Island Forest Futures, Social Environmental Alliance, Friends of Carmanah Walbran.

Wednesday Sept 14th -7pm-9pm.

Edward Milne Community School, Sooke

Join us for a moderated panel discussion on the future of our forests. This event free and is open to the public. Your questions and comments will be welcomed.

Featuring: Metchosin City Councillor, forest ecologist and co-author of Plants of Coastal British Columbia,Andy McKinnon and Victoria City Councillor, CRD Director and social justice actvist, Ben Isitt

Co- Sponsors: Island Forest Futures, Social Environmental Alliance, Friends of Carmanah Walbran.

“Its time for legislators to adopt progressive forest policy that will re- invigorate local forest- dependent economies and provide an immediate transition away from the needless logging destruction of rare Old- Growth coastal rain forests toward ecological management of the silvicultural land- base. A transition from corporate tenures, to community- controlled forestry; from the export of raw resources, to value- added production of locally- manufactured finished wood products, that generate far more more employment of skilled labour, with far less wood.”

Link to the full IFF policy statement here.

Inspiring weekend at the Walbran Valley Convergence


A most beautiful and inspiring weekend at the Walbran Valley Convergence. With over a 120 people adding their voices to the growing momentum to protect the Central Walbran.  There was the opening of the Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail which is named in honor of Harriets work to protect this area and her inspiring leadership. The trail allows visitors to  witness this threatened ancient forest and has long sections of Cedar boardwalk which helps accessibility and also protects the areas fragile soils. There for the ceremony were  members of Harriets family, Harold, Leo and Francis, age 6, who cut the ribbon. Also attending was  Pacheedaht elected Chief Jeff Jones, his wife Helen, elder Bill Jones and lovely folks of all ages, many visiting for the first time. With the sun shining everyone enjoyed the festivities in this preciously magnificent forest/river environment, last of its kind on the south island.

Thanks to all the kick-ass volunteers, doing set-up, clearing parking and camping spaces, cutting firewood, greeting guests, the cooks, those serving food, doing cleanup, take- down, creative child care, the speakers, story-tellers, workshop leaders, singers, MCs,  the magical light show, to the children, the swimmers, the star-gazers, the bonfire merriment and all lovers of the wild, sharing in our bright-eyed passion for this enchanted paradise in the threatened heart of the watershed: We will prevail in winning its protection!

Thank you all for making this such a sweet and memorable weekend and we will see you next year for the 4th annual Walbran Covergence.


Walbran Valley/Kaxi:ks Convergence July 30th-31st;


convergence poster                                    Join us for the 2nd annual Walbran/Kaxi:ks Convergence.

Walbran Valley/Kaxi:ks Convergence

When? Saturday July 30, 2016 – Sunday July 31

Where? Central Walbran Valley


July 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the Walbran Valley Road Stops Here Campaign, a successful series of non-violent direct action(s): tree-sits, road barricades, office sit-ins, hunger strikes, banner hangings and public protests that were pivotal in the creation of the 13,000 ha Carmanah/Walbran Provincial Park.

A quarter of a century later, three generations of concerned citizens join together to altogether halt the needless destruction of the world-class ancient temperate rainforest in the heart of the watershed, in the beautiful Central Walbran Valley/ Pacheedaht/Qwa-ba-diwa territory that was foolishly left out of the park in 1994, and is still, after all the backlash, slated for logging by Surrey-based Teal Jones, who has been clearcut logging the steep side hills to the height of land, along park boundaries, on the south side of Walbran river. Enough is enough!

This festive gathering will include the very exciting and historical grand opening of the first official leg of The Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail.

Harriet Nahanee, originally from Pacheedaht and present in the Walbran Valley on the front lines in the 90’s, was a lifelong activist involved in many struggles fighting for the recognition of Indigenous land rights and protection of the environment. She was a human rights activist and fought against discrimination, marginalization and institutionalization of Indigenous people in the cities, especially Indigenous women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She was a vital member of many movements and activist communities, and a strong role model for many including some members of FoCW.

The Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail is a magnificent trail system that lies outside of the protected area of the Central Walbran Valley

The gathering will also include speakers, hikes, workshops and community meals. Join the past with the future, in our common cause to end old-growth logging, once and for all, in the Walbran Valley.

All are welcomed for this weekend of camping, celebration of place and all the good work being done by so many at this mass Convergence in the most beautiful time of the year, in one of the sweetest places on the island, the best of the last, the last of the best, of the great ancient Red Cedar Forest.

The Friends of Carmanah Walbran are organizing transportation to the valley for a Saturday day trip and also for an overnight camping trip. We are organizing festive community meals and other activities suitable for a range of ages. Details are below.


Saturday July 30th

7:30am Vans leave Victoria City Hall, travel via Duncan and Lake Cowichan.

11am-1pm Camp setup in the valley, lunch (bring your own)

1pm Convergence Opening with special guest speakers

including Bill Jones, Pacheedaht elder
– Welcoming/ territorial acknowledgment

– Introduction to the weekend events and camp facilities

– Procession to trail head. Solemnly acknowledging on-going ecological destruction of the watershed and urgent need for an old-growth logging moratorium.

– Grand Opening of the newly upgraded boardwalk trail which will now be known as The Harriet Nahanee Memorial Trail. Dedication speeches and acknowledgements.


3-5pm Guided Hikes (easy, intermediate, challenging)

  1. Easy: (kids and seniors) – to lower falls and/or Emerald Pool
  2. Intermediate: Upper Falls Loop
  3. Challenging: Upper Waterfall – Castle Giant
  4. Challenging: Karst features/proposed cutblock 4403/Marbled Canyon

6 pm Community Dinner/Salmon Feast

(menu is below)

7:30pm Evening Program with special guest speakers

including Neville Winchester, renowned entomologist

  •  Performance with recording artist and eco-troubador Luke Wallace.
  • Campfire songs, story-telling and talking circle
  • Night hike to lower falls for ‘Luminous Forest Project’, after dark.
  • Slumber Party. tent set-up “Wake up with the Marbled Murrelets on the Bridge”
  • Night hike to lower falls for ‘Luminous Forest Project’, after dark.
  • Slumber Party “Wake up with the Marbled Murrelet on the Bridge”

8pm Daytripper vans head back to Victoria


Sunday, July 31st;

9 am Pick Your Own Berries-Pancake Breakfast & Biggest Berry Contest:

Berry contest categories are; Thimbleberry, Red and Black Huckleberry and High Bush Blueberries

10:30am-1 pm Mini- Workshops (1 hr. each)

We welcome participation, please send us am email if you would like to lead a workshop

may include:

-Non-Violent Direct Action and Affinity-group organizing
-Karst geology and old-growth forest ecology.
-Campaign-building: Broadening the Base.
-Trail-building as a campaign strategy.
-Community-based Economic Alternatives to Old-Growth Logging.
-Native Plant Identification.

1 pm Lunch

2-4 pm Break camp and/or free time to explore and socialize

For those riding in vans, they will be leaving by 5pm

4pm  Closing Circle with special guest speakers


*** our vans are now full and as of Friday morning we are offline and in the woods. If you are looking for a ride or have a ride to offer please post on this event site and hopefully you can find your match. Quite a few vehicles are meeting on the Pandora side of Victoria’s Centennial Square at 7:15 AM on Saturday, leaving at 7:30. You may find rides or riders there – and there will be caravan if you are unsure about directions ***

We are also no longer  taking vacations for the community meals. Although we will have quite a few extra plates available  please arrive in the valley with enough food to get you through.

Looking forward to a fantastic weekend!




Passenger Vans;


A limited number of seats in passenger vans for transportation to and from the Walbran Valley can be reserved via picatic ( or by emailing us directly (

These are available for a Saturday day trip OR an overnight trip. Rides will leave Victoria City Hall Saturday morning at 7:30am sharp. Vans will return either late Saturday night (leaving the valley at 8/8:30pm, back approx 11:30/12) or Sunday evening (leaving the valley at 5pm, back approx. 8:30pm).

Round trip tickets are being offered at a subsidized rate of $60 each or at the full cost of $80. If you would like to attend but are not able to contribute towards the cost of transportation please contact us directly via email.


if you are driving and can offer rides, please let us know and we will help coordinate rides with riders. If you are looking for a ride please let us know and we will help!



Saturday Salmon Feast. (suggested donation $10-20). Sunday morning will be a Pick-your-own-berries pancake breakfast. (suggested donation $5-10). You must reserve your plate to guarantee we have enough food but these community meals are being provided by donation and are for all to enjoy. Please reserve your plate at

There are limited kitchen facilities in the valley. For all other meal requirements (and if you do not reserve plates in the community meals) please come prepared and self sufficient.

– Lightly smoked local wild salmon with a Maple/Orange Glaze

– Citrus and Burberry Slaw

– Taku Baked Beans

– Wild Fire Bread

– Watermelon wedges

FLAPJACK pick-your-own-berries BREAKFAST MENU

– Traditional pancakes with the option of added rainforest wildberries provided by you!

– Maple syrup

– Coffee and Tea







Save the Walbran Tour


Support these upcoming music and awarness events and help protect the Ancient Forests of the Walbran Valley. Funds raised will go directly to support local environmental groups including the FoCW,  we will have also have volunteers there with an information table.

Friday May 27th, 8pm; White Eagle Hall, Victoria.

Saturday May 28th, 8.30pm; Fulford Hall, Salts Spring.

Friday June 3rd, 8.30pm; Waverley Hotel, Cumberland.

Carmanah Boat Repair.


The FoCW recently helped fund raise and repair the boat used by the Knighton family from Qwa-ba-diwa at Carmanah Point. This has enabled the family, who have been  long time supporters of the protection of the forests to continue to be on their traditional territory and to carry on their business supplying burgers and aid to the hikers on the West Coast Trail. Many Thanks to the different business and individuals that have helped make this happen. Jay and Glen at SG Power and Shawn at North Craft welding among others. The photos are, above Peter Knighton gets the boat back in the water and below a view of Qwa-ba-diwa and the repaired boat being presented by SG Power. Carmanah is an anglicization of the Nu-cah-nulth phrase Qwa-ba-diwa.

DSC02210sg power

Trail and Boardwalk work.







On April 8th-9th-10th the FoCW and the Wilderness Committee held a jointly organized work party in the Central Walbran to carry out much needed upgrades to the trail systems. These trails lead to some of the significant trees within this unprotected area. Work this time was focused on the ‘Tolkein’ Giant Trail as it is in a wet lowland area that was showing signs of erosion due to hiker traffic. A viewing platform and bench was also built near the base of the Giant tree.

Over 500 feet of new boardwalk was added to protect the roots of the giant trees and the fragile forest ground that supports them. This project provides crucial infrastructure towards the continuing growth of the Tall Trees Tourist economy, which is a sustainable alternative for local communities instead of the proposed clear-cut logging of these ancient forests.

These work parties are ongoing if you would like to volunteer or contribute please contact the FoCW or the W.C

Kaxi:ks; Nuu-cha-nulth name for the Walbran River


walbran original names map color

The Nuu-cha-nulth name for the Walbran River, Kaxi;ks, which translates as ‘Big River’ is taken from Between Ports Alberni and Renfrew by Eugene Arima and Denis St Clair, Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa, 1991. The above map, which is adapted with permission, also shows the village site of Qwa-ba-diwa which is located near the mouth of the Caramanah Creek. The First Nations families from there are attempting to get their main form of transport to and from the old village site repaired and the FoCW has been  helping them. The boat was damaged in a wind storm in August 2015; the aluminum has recently been welded but now it needs help with the following, a new/used marine radio, a new/used depth sounder/GPS and a marine compass. It also needs the 5hp Yamaha ‘kicker’ outboard rebuilt as it has suffered damage from salt water. Contact us by email if you can help and any funds are also appreciated, donate to our Gofundme  and tag it as ‘boat repair’. Thanks.


Islands In the Sky

Dr Neville Winchester talking to an enthusiastic and packed house at the UVic SUB, explained the critical value of the ecosystems preserved uniquely in the ancient forest canopy islands of our planet, and the importance of protecting, unspoilt, these refuges for species still to be discovered.  canopy_crowd

For those who couldn’t attend, here is a link to the on-line rendering of his fascinating and compelling talk.

line image

Black Diamond Grove Video

Hey, check out this exquisite video Warren Rudd just released!  If you haven’t been there, (and now that the Court has seen fit to ensure our continued access, yeah!) watching this will definitely make you want to visit, and to stand up for the protection of these trees!

Alternatively find the video directly at this link.

Information on how you can contribute to protecting this amazing forest is here.