The start of a new year in the Walbran

The first day of a new solar year brings the end of the darkening season, the light starting to return.  Team Against the Dark spent that first day yesterday running the Walbran in cold and wet, through to Anderson Lake and back.  An inspiring and wonderful achievement!


I can’t possibly improve on Rumon Carter’s words following the run:

Of the many things that came out of today, near the top of the list is a reflection on what small groups of people can achieve when they band together and put their hearts into projects that matter. So I’m so happy to have had the chance to connect and share the trail with the ragtag Against The Dark team pictured in this photo (at the bridge across the Walbran following our run). At least equally, I’m inspired to have had the chance to connect with theFriends of Carmanah/Walbran team and other members of Walbran Central, bearing witness out there, sitting through days and nights in the cold, rain and snow to tell the story of what’s being done out there, away from the public’s eyes, to our ecological and cultural heritage, to the last of southern Vancouver Island’s low elevation old growth, to 1000 year old trees that can never be replaced – all for one company’s profit.

Thank you to those teams, and to those who have supported us and them.

Let’s keep working together – the run’s over, but we’re far from done.

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